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What is the ASX Code for AVJennings Limited?Collapsed
Who is the Share Registry Provider for AVJennings?Collapsed
How do I buy/sell my Shares?Collapsed
How much are my Shares worth?Collapsed
When is the dividend record date? When do I receive my dividend payment?Collapsed
Does AVJennings have a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)?Collapsed
Where can I get the latest details on AVJennings?Collapsed
What is a HIN and SRN?Collapsed
When are AVJennings annual and half year results/financial reports announced to the market?Collapsed
How do I receive the Annual Report and other documentation on line?Collapsed
Who do I contact if I have questions about my shareholding?Collapsed

FAQs Entitlement Offer in Singapore

1. What is the AVJennings Limited (“AVJennings”) Entitlement Offer ?Collapsed
2. What is the ratio of the offer and issue price ?Collapsed
3. Why is the issue price in Australian Dollars ?Collapsed
4. How do I participate in the offer to eligible Singapore Depositors ?Collapsed
5. Why is there only a two day period between record date and issue date ?Collapsed
6. What is the structure of the Offer?Collapsed
7. Where do I find the Offer Booklet and Other Documents relating to the Entitlement Offer ?Collapsed
8. Why is only one Singapore bank accepting subscriptions via ATM ?Collapsed
9. Why is no online acceptance portal offered? Collapsed
10. Can I trade my rights entitlements ?Collapsed
11. What happens if I don’t take up my entitlements ?Collapsed
12. Who should I speak to regarding the Entitlement Offer ?Collapsed